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The Eulogist

THE EULOGIST is busting out of stir this fall (aided and abetted by the fugitives at The Permanent Press)

FBI Special Agent Drew Cady is reluctantly drawn into investigating the assassination of a sitting United States Senator. Strangely, the senator's death is linked to a murdered Baltimore junkie with an identical M.O.--a single stab wound to the heart and a typed eulogy left at the scene. As Agent Cady deals with a professional hit man known only as the Canadian, a breakthrough Alzheimer's drug, a misanthropic hacker, and a Mexican drug cartel, he peels back the layers of deceit and comes to realize that even the reddest of red herrings can bite. And unfortunately for all involved, the killings have just begun.

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The Eulogist will give you chills right from its creepy first scene. Fans of the Drew Cady series have come to expect briskly paced, well-researched, deftly plotted procedurals, and Burton delivers another one here. The pages simply fly. – Brad Parks, author of SAY NOTHING (award-winning author of the Shamus, Nero and Lefty Awards)

Damn, this Burton guy can write. Burton's brilliant ability to convey a complex and lightning fast plotline has also produced the best book in the series yet. The Eulogist reads like a bullet and leaves the reader wishing Burton would put this series out on a weekly basis. Brian Panowich, award-winning author of LIKE LIONS and BULL MOUNTAIN

This roller coaster of a thriller has some luscious ingredients: moneyed surroundings, including billion-dollar mansions and the boardroom of a bloodsucking pharmaceutical company; some lengthy and artfully described fights and chases; and a killer-for-hire who, intentionally or not, runs off with the whole show.
– Booklist

An action-packed thriller with a high body count . . . The plot grabs readers from the start, twists abound, and good triumphs—mostly. – Library Journal

From the title to the final paragraph, The Eulogist is a taut chase from the nation's capital, to Toronto, to Minneapolis. Even as he nips at the assassin's heels, Cady learns the hard way that underestimating a killer like The Canadian comes at a very high price. Burton's style is clean and hip. In Drew Cady he has created a memorable and wonderfully human hero. Cady relies on guts and instinct. He's an old-fashioned guy in a violent new world. The Eulogist is proof that Burton can continue Cady's story indefinitely. – Stephanie Hoover, Editor/Publisher,
Clouded in Mystery

Intriguing coincidences, fascinating side-characters, and enticing red herrings abound in this mystery as it twists and turns, changes direction, slides to an almost-conclusion then shifts again. It's all told with a very natural voice, well-chosen analogies deepening character as well as providing description, and the reader is quickly drawn in, even as the action slows for seriously believable investigation.

The final scene in this book isn’t a eulogy, but it’s a message after death just the same, and it’s the measure of men whose paths and ends collided strangely, sadly, and satisfyingly in the course of the novel. The giver of this final eulogy measures up well, as does the author.
– Sheila's Reviews (Sheila Deeth's Book Blog)

Tension builds as the agents think they have The Canadian cornered, only to see the person slip away despite their best efforts. – Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Jeffrey B. Burton has written an engrossing, exciting, thrill ride. You won't want to put it down. An excellent, suspenseful, heart-pounding thriller. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5.0.
Cynthia Lea Clark, Forensic Psychologist/Actress, Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine

A thriller with action scenes, Cady is a hero with old-fashioned sensibiities thrust into a thoroughly modern world. An exciting read. – M.K. Graff, award-winning author of THE BLUE VIRGIN and DEATH UNSCRIPTED

The result blends a political thriller with an investigative piece that does a fine job of adding enough unpredictable twists and turns to keep its readers guessing till the end, tempering the murder investigation with a solid foundation of psychological descriptions to encourage reader attraction to the characters and their dilemmas. The Eulogist is very highly recommended as edge-of-your-seat reading for those who like their politics gritty and their murder mysteries compellingly complex.
– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The author introduces ‘the Canadian,’ an assassin from Toronto whose thrill is the kill. Be prepared for a surprise or two with this one. Burton does a good job of playing with your assumptions when it comes to the Canadian. The Eulogist is a perfectly serviceable, if not outstanding, thriller. – Crime Fiction Lover

One distinguishing aspect of the novel is an often sarcastic streak of humor. In short, murder mystery fans should feel very comfortable with The Eulogist while they enjoy the inventiveness of Jeffrey B. Burton. Dr. Wesley Britton, BookPleasures.com

Burton's novel The Lynchpin was an accomplished mystery novel to read. His third novel, The Eulogist, is another not to be missed as Special Agent Drew Cady is brought in to investigate the death of Senator Taylor Brockman. As with all good mysteries "things get complicated." However, it's the humor and voice Burton is mastering in developing his craft that makes him most definitely an author to read and follow.

—D.J. Adamson (author of the Lillian Dove Mystery Series), Le Coeur de l’Artisté

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